about us

It's challenging to manage finances in the era of easy access to credit cards and loans.

Having a specific discipline with money is not easy. The system offers the ability to live on credit cards and loans. You would work hard, generate enough money; but always be broke. As many would say: "we live in a country of consumption." The whole idea behind Ensea Bill is not to stop you from consuming, but it will allow you to be more organized with your finances. It will give you the ability to be more cautious about your spending. For instance, with the application (mobile/desktop), you have the features you need to take more control over your money. Our tool is available in two versions. The mobile version is more appropriate for personal finances and the desktop version for small companies.

How did the Ensea Bill concept start?

My name is Gilblas, and I am the founder of Ensea Bill. 4 years ago, I found myself in a big financial mess. I would earn money, but could not understand why everything that was coming in was going out. Adding to that, I had accumulated too many debts both from my credit card and other relatives. I then decided to take a pen and paper, started writing down all the expenses and incomes. It was one of the funniest situations because I wasn't able to understand why I waited too long to realize that I was sinking. When I finally decided to have more eyes on my finances, two ideas came into my mind. - 1- Writing my expenses to a spreadsheet; 2 - have something automated.  I finally when for the second idea because; with a spreadsheet, it is quite easy to go the original habit. As the initiator of Ensea Bill, I will strongly recommend using an app to manage your finances.

How can Ensea Bill helps you have more control over your finances

  • Record your income and expenses.
  • Generate spending reports.
  • Receive due to date notification.
  • Download Finances statement.
  • Compare your expenses.
  • Set up a spending goal.

Achieve your finances goal with Ensea Bill in only six steps

  • Download the mobile app or use the desktop version
  • Enter all your Income and Expenses.
  • Register your upcoming bills.
  • See the trends of your income/expenses.
  • Get notified on the due date.
  • Improve your finances habits.
The six steps mentioned above are just general ideas on how the application work. You can sign up to start using Ensea Bill.

About the application and us

We are dedicated developers that happen to face real-life challenges. With our development skills, we provide at our level solutions that can bring more value to our society. Ensea Bill is a concept of Prositeweb Inc. You can visit our website to find out more about us. Are you tired of working and have the impression of being caged by finances? Ensea Bill can help you to organize your expenses. Feel free to download the App on Google Play or use the desktop version.