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Welcome on Ensea-bill

janvier 16, 2022

With Ensea bill, you will manage your daily income and expenses. The application also offers various features such as sending due date notifications, transaction reports, and comparing spending you do.

How does it work?

The process to use Ensea Bill is straightforward. After creating your account, you will do the following each time you have a new income or expenses.

  • Add your transaction – use the plus sign to add your transaction. And then, the application will ask to provide a few pieces of information, such as the amount, the account, the products and the payee or payer.
  • Add extra information – Once you add your transaction, the application will redirect you automatically to the details page. From the details page, you will add the receipt and more information. If you don’t want to provide a ticket, you can go back to the home page.

If you have trouble using the application, a support team is available to provide the support you need. You will find an option to contact us on the menu after you have completed your registration.